Ruminate or Illuminate


In our journey of emotional healing, things have to be brought up, back to the forefront, to be fully understood and dealt with.

Unpleasant, I know.

As a nation of "stuffers," our tendency is to put it back in the box so that we can go on about our lives, full of unfulfilling things that present the opportunity to give us a false comfort and just enough satisfaction til we can move onto the next shiny thing to keep us distracted some more.

Lucky for us, the brain says yet again, "What about this? Do we really want to put this back away? When are you really going to use it?" Like that sweater we haven't worn in three years, it begs to be thrown out so that it can be replaced with something useful, something flattering, something bright.

As those memories and feelings -oh, the feelings- float back to the forefront, what would happen if we looked at them? What would happen if we felt what we never felt, forgave what we never forgave, released what we never released? As pride likes to take the wheel, the culmination of those experiences, and the healing process, would like to convince you that this is a weakness, a shame.

Instead, I challenge you to look at these presentations of pain and heartbreak with an opportunity to change the filter. If we looked at it, felt it, walk through it, we can see how this one instance passed its tarnished, dirty brush on all of our reactions and relationships.

Our relationships have been built on it.

Our actions have been determined by it.

Our avoidance, seen as self-protection, gave it more power.

What we believe about ourselves has been defined by what we are not- not a victim, not important, not seen, not heard. Determination and fight not to be a victim is a true submission to victimhood, it's a bowing to the situation that made you feel that way. Instead, ruminate on what you are. Choose to see and embrace the evidence contrary to what you believe. In the past, I blew off my friends' compliments because they're my friends- of course they would say that. I could not accept and express gratitude for those compliments because I believed that my friends would lie to me to save my feelings, despite the fact that they had delivered some hard truths before. This was not a friend issue- this was a self-worth issue.

I believed that I had to work twice as hard to recover my righteousness after a mistake, and even then, I was still subconsciously punishing myself.

I believed that I had to be the perfect mother or I could never be forgiven for hurting my children's feelings- they are babies, they depend on me.

I believed that I had to be in church every Sunday and agree with everything our leaders said to be able to look them in they eye or ask for prayer. They never told me that; I made that rule.

I believed that any misstep in finances meant I couldn't ask for a miracle. Once again, no reason. The bible actually says that the Lord will open the storehouses in Heaven for me. It says that He will heal our land.

I believed that any action from me based on my feelings at the time was a lifetime of regret and became a cowering shell, afraid to address any issue for fear of repercussions and even more guilt. Yet another submission to the demonic that was very well-hidden in my life.

Be encouraged. The foundation of our emotions and its tie into our spiritual lives - and faith- begin when we make a conscious effort to shed light into our ruminating. To illuminate changes the memories from self-flagellation to accepting the grace granted to us by Jesus' sacrifice for us and the Holy Spirit's presence on earth. To accept healing -because you are acknowledging that the healing is already granted and applies to you, not just everyone else- is to let grace and wholeness be the brush that passes over, restoring your peace, replacing your pain, reclaiming your seat at the table and able to invite others to sup, too. This difference in approach will change your emotional healing experiences from unpleasant to pleasant, which will make you more pleasant, too.

Oils that help:

Geranium essential oil is particularly good at presenting memories rooted in shame to face the lies and evict them. As you apply it, you will experience random "glimpses" as I call them to give you clues as to what you buried and what needs to go. Geranium is in many blends, but I prefer to use it alone.

Release essential oil blend takes out the trash memories and feelings that aren't beneficial to our assignments as Christians. From bad days to emotional trauma, Release is the little red reset button that gives a fresh start on what would have crept into every part of our experiences later, allowing us the benefit of a clean slate instead of grudges and negative expectations.

Believe essential oil blend helps us to see why we don't believe a blessing will come to us and reminds us what we do believe in. Encouragement in a bottle, Believe allows us to plant our feet and stand in faith despite worldly evidence to the contrary. It helps us to remember that the God we serve is not bound by our rules and to keep on keeping on.

Don't have essential oils? Grab yours here and get plugged in by following this link and completing the order process, and be expecting to hear from me personally on usage, safety, and emotional healing.

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