Season of Thanks


I was asked by a teacher in Kildare, Ireland who develops mental health modules for teenagers, what I would tell a 17 year old if I could only tell them one thing. This is what my spirit whispered.

Choose to be thankful. Find one thing, just one, that you and you alone have done right. Do not take that little thing for granted as what is supposed to be done anyway- much of the world is not burdened by the sense of right and wrong that you are. If no one else appreciates what you do, God does and you are not required to measure up to anyone else's standard. The "requirements" placed upon us by the world are not designed to build us up, but even that one thing that you have accomplished, whether it is being a loyal friend, walking with integrity, honoring your family despite not being honored, that is what you can always use on your walk and choose to be thankful for it. Thanks is not easy. How can we be thankful for our honesty when it has cost us friendships and maybe even social standing? Your standing will be vastly different five years from now, five years after that, and five years after that, no matter what choices you make now because the world and our relationships evolve as we mature and learn. If you can choose to be thankful for one quality that you have, you can see how it has helped you develop your other redeeming qualities, the other parts that make up your whole, and you can weave thanks into your foundation. Choose to be thankful because thankfulness never stops working to your favor.

It can be so hard to look for a reason to be thankful. Maybe you've been in this place that you don't want to be for 5 minutes, maybe you've been here for 20 years- there is something for you here. It is a time to plant and grow and look at where we are and what He can do with us here. And for that grace, we are thankful. In 2017, I started a group where for 14 days, there were Facebook lives focusing specifically on being thankful and what stops us from achieving that state. It morphed into new friendships, epiphanies, and encouragement to perfect strangers. These videos and conversations are all still available to you, including the second annual Season of Thanks in 2018. Be encouraged, friend, and join the closed group here:

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