Not Today Satan

It is past time for us business builders to have YOUNG LIVING specific materials, which is why I now offer my newest book,

Not Today Satan!

Multiple ways for massive OGV growth and build relationships-

1. A Facebook live where you share screen with the PowerPoint presentation from the Digital Bundle running and narrate using the included script.

2. Send the book to every member in your downline, including inactives, with a handwritten note.

3. Send the CD and brochure to prospects who don't have access to team groups.

4. Present in person using the script and pass around the oils of the kit as you cover each oil. Get oils on them! Each attendee gets a brochure to take notes on.

5. Do a Project Broadcast challenge for an oil a week- include the text and graphics from the Digital Bundle with the challenge to use that oil consistently for a week. Those who participate will get credits on their orders for free shipping (Or whatever your people respond to)

+Maybe you're one of the people who sends out mini Starter Kits- you could send a book and a note with instructions to apply each oil for each chapter.

+If you know your people listen while driving, send a roller ball of Stress Away to start the drive and CD with.

+If your people respond to Zooms, you can tell them to have their oils on hand to apply as you present the PowerPoint on your monthly team call.

How would these steps effect your team? Dream cast with me for a bit: imagine everyone having their emotional and spiritual addressed. Let's change our team cultures now with a Not Today Satan campaign!