Not Today Satan CD

Oil Awakening LLC

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Not Today Satan CD

Get the live recording of Not Today Satan to bless the friends and downline who never stop! Meet them where they are with this audio teaching that offers listeners and the chance to fully comprehend the emotional and spiritual breakthroughs offered by the Premium Starter Kit and is excellently priced at $1.75 to $3.50 per disc - perfect for blessing your downline and inactive members, re-minding them what a valuable tool they have in Young Living. This vibrant, relatable audio addresses real life issues, setting itself apart from the usual sharing resources. 


This class is for the hamster wheel, the breath –stealing time succubus that is the past, and the Monday mornings that last all week. This is that book. Not Today Satan challenges the way we see our days, situations, and relationships. This book is about busting lies, taking back the wheel, and pioneering your own good day, not contingent on anyone but you. I offer insight and perspective, along with how to use Young Living™ essential oils to eliminate the overwhelming guesswork of drawing closer to God and replacing tough days with reason, confidence, and peace.

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